Invest Into the Geoduck Aquaculture Industry and Profit From a Biological Gold Mine

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August 2, 2011, Canada – Farming geoducks is one of the most promising industries today. There is a high market value and demand for these unusual-looking clams. They sell for about $168 per lb. in many of the finer restaurants in Asia.

Geoducks are esteemed because of their savory flavor and crispy texture. In many Asian countries, geoducks are considered to be a delicacy and are even viewed by many people to increase libidinal drive. It can be cooked in stir fry style, sautéed, soup or stewed. In Japanese cuisine, geoducks are prepared as raw sashimi.

The high demand for geoducks has created a $100 million world industry. The supply cannot keep up with the increasing demand so starting your own geoduck farm is very timely. The farming and harvesting of geoducks has been controversial. However, as more people become familiar with the farming technology being used, it is being increasingly accepted as probably the most environmentally beneficial aquaculture industry in the world. Many parts of the US and Canada are now investing into this industry. New regulations are in the process of being put into place in Canada, and in Washington, the Washington State Shellfish Aquaculture Regulatory Committee is creating the regulations that will govern this industry in an environmentally sound manner.

The farming model for culturing geoducks is very simple. Ideally, if you plant 10 geoduck seed per square meter, with a 50% survival rate and allow them to grow to 2 lbs. you would be able to produce 10 lbs. per square meter. If you sell them at $10 per lb. you will get a gross profit of up to $9,000,000 on a 10 hectare farm in approximately 10 years.

By moving from fishing to aquaculture, the industry will become much more sustainable and profitable, in effect, we will be creating a biological goldmine that will never be mined out.

Eric Winston Gant is known around the world as the trusted authority in Geoduck aquaculture. He has made presentations in various countries such as Canada, United States, Thailand, and China. If you are interested in geoduck farming, visit for more details.


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