Profit From Genuine Geoduck

What is geoduck? Geoduck is an unusual name that is derived from a native term meaning to dig deep. It is also sometimes known as the mud duck, king clam or elephant-trunk clam. It is a native to the northwest coast of United States and Canada. It is the largest burrowing clam in the world weighing in at an average of 1-3 pounds. It is one of the longest-living organisms in the Animal Kingdom.

Geoducks now sell in Asia because its large and meaty siphon is priced for its savoury flavour and crunchy texture. Some people regard geoduck to be an aphrodisiac due to its large, phallic shape. For this reason, it is very famous in Asia and is often eaten raw. In Japan, it is on the Emperor’s list as a gourmet seafood.

Geoduck is one of the safest clams in the world to eat. To our knowledge there has never been any reported incident of PSP poisoning, which is common with other clams. This is partly due to the depth at which the clam is normally harvested and also due to the fact that PSP poisoning has a tendency to concentrate into the gut of a clam, and unlike most clams the gut is not normally eaten with Geoduck. Also, the Canadian and United States have a comprehensive testing program set up to ensure that no Geoducks ever get harvested from a PSP “hot” area. This has led the world to see the clam as one of the safest shellfish to eat and enjoy.

Geoduck farming is a new industry that is building upon the wild fishery, and is helping to do away with the traditional flaws often found in wild fisheries. Flaws such as the inability to know with certainty what is a sustainable harvest.

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