The Strategy of Change Part 1

Over the many years that we have been spearheading positive socio-economic change into our society, we’ve seen the patterns of resistance to change unfold in the same manner over and over again. Being able to see repetitive toxic patterns within your country, within the world, your immediate environment and within yourself is the first step towards reducing the stress related to change. Once a toxic pattern can be brought to the surface of the conscious mind and related to the commonality of man it makes it somehow seem less personal. It opens the mind in creative ways to deal with the resistance in a more effective manner. Recently for example, in our company’s operations, we ran into a massive resistance to the development of a new system of management in the sea cucumber aquaculture industry. But we made certain that we were very clear within ourselves that what we were doing was the right thing. Without rationalization, this gave us the strength to stand our ground, admits the social turmoil over the past few months. And now, the public is being swayed by others into recognizing that what we have to offer the community is something that will be tremendously valuable to the Comox Valley’s economy, and to the Baynes Sound ecology. To see the latest example to this response by others go to the link below for the In Focus article:

There you will see a well written 3rd party , fair and supportive article that was written by others standing up to those who are traditionally resistant to any kind of change, beneficial or otherwise. This approach of clarity from within can be applied reliably at all all levels of your existence. From a decision to quit a toxic behaviour in your personal life, to a resistance to persuasive tactics of others that lack integrity, to an understanding of what you should be supportive of for the well-being of the world at large.

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